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Svitol Bike

Svitol Bike professional products for all your cycling needs

Arexons Svitol Bike is Italy’s leading bike maintenance brand. Svitol’s bike maintenance kit is the complete kit, degreaser, cleaner and chain lubricant. The Svitol Bike Maintenance range is designed to be effective, quick and safe when used on your bike.

From professional to enthusiast this technologically advanced range guarantees excellent performance in all weather conditions.

Lubrication Limited stock all Svitol Bike products, designed for your every need, detergent, degreaser, wet and dry lubricants and inflater kits. Trade and retail enquiries welcome.

Svitol Bike Maintenance Kit, An Ideal Present for The Cyclist in Your life.

Svitol Bike Cleaner

Its alkaline detergent formulation has been designed for effective, quick and safe cleaning of every part of the bike, which will be perfectly clean and shiny. The Svitol Bike Bike Cleaner effectively removes all types of dirt, even the most resistant ones: encrustations, dust, mud, smog, grease and oil. Its formulation is designed to be safe on all bike materials, such as carbon, aluminium, steel, painted or anodized surfaces and rubber, it will allow you to take care of the bike while preserving even its most delicate finishes.

Svitol Bike Degreaser

Thanks to its solvent-based formula, it works quickly to remove grease, oil, dust, tar and dirt, reducing wear. Designed with dry degreasing technology, it leaves no residue and does not require rinsing with water, it simply evaporates leaving the treated surface completely clean. Safe on all components of the bike's transmission group: chain, chainrings, sprocket group, gear shifters and derailleur. Waterless degreasing: also ideal for E-Bikes.

Svitol Bike Chain Lubricant

Designed and formulated to guarantee excellent performance in all weather conditions, both dry and humid. Its modern formulation based on high purity synthetic lubricants with the addition of ceramic micro flakes, capable of penetrating and adhering perfectly into the micro roughnesses of the metal surface, make it the ideal product to guarantee long-lasting lubrication performance in all environmental conditions: in fact the product leaves a lubricating film on the bike chain which prevents and reduces wear and which guarantees an excellent protective action against corrosion and dirt. Ideal for chains, derailleurs, derailleurs, sprocket sets, cables and levers. The excellent lubricating power, offered by the ceramic and EP additives, guarantees the best lubrication of the chain and the pedaling assistance system, even in harsh conditions, and makes the product also optimal for E-Bikes. 360° DELIVERY.

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